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The Best Guide for Detox Diet - #1 One Day Detox DIET PLAN

What comes to your mind, when you hear “Detox”? It’s a cleanse, isn’t it? Though for short durations of time, the primary purpose of detox diets is to remove excessive toxins accumulated in your body due to wrong eating habits.

Benefits Of Doing A Detox Diet:

Detox diets are primarily meant to relax our gut and to increase the gut microbiota to lessen the inflammation in the body. Inflammation is a very technical term and doesn’t mean swelling here, instead, inflammation is a protective response of our body against the foreign particles/ food/ pollution ingested/exposed from our surroundings.

Severe inflammation can block insulin pathways, make our body store fat (on organs too) and may also end up disturbing the whole gut microbes leading to a leaky gut syndrome that includes constipation, bloating, diarrhoea, headaches, acne, rashes, joint pain & difficulty in concentrating as well, or Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

Detox diets give a thorough cleanse to your vital organs like kidneys & liver. Apart from this other benefits of the following a detox diet are:

  • Improve blood circulation

  • Enhances skin quality

  • Reduces the skin breakouts

  • Upgrades the best texture of hairs

  • Refines the hair & nail quality

  • Balances the serotonins & cortisol levels

  • Brings leptin & ghrelin balance in the body

You must be wondering where the toxins come from in our body? These toxins come from processed foods, saturated fats, trans fats, excessive sugars, too many grains in the diet and external factors include exposure to pollution.

How to follow a detox diet:

A detox diet shouldn’t give us chills instead it makes our eating habits healthier by controlling the portion sizes of each ingredient. There are several detox diets that are based upon the different lifestyle & eating habits of people. For example,

  • If you consume alcohol & smoke very often, leaving these two for several days will be one type of detox for your body to get rid of the toxins. This will enhance the absorption of many nutrients from the food.

  • If you are a hard-core meat eater, then leaving non-veg items for a few days consecutively will boost your gut system. Be a vegetarian and munch of healthy vegetables & whole grains while giving an off to your kidneys from metabolizing the protein.

  • If you are a vegetarian, then include more veggies, probiotics & reduce your grain & improve the quality of your cereals.

  • Includes more water, vegetables, nuts, seeds, fruits, probiotics, less high protein sources & grains.

  • Decrease the intake of salt in your diet.

Detox Diet Plan

If you are looking to start following a detox diet, you can refer to NutriPal's One Day Detox Diet plan specified, here. For starters, it is recommended to follow detox diet once a week.

As is with following any new diet, it is possible that you might experience some discomfort while following the detox diet, do remember to keep the following points in mind,

  • Headaches - probably due to caffeine-free diet

  • Increased cravings - it's mostly mind playing games

  • Tiredness - due to low blood sugar but will vanish in 2-3 days as the body adjusts to the new routine.

  • Cold - a sign of body getting rid of mucous

Some other detox meal/drink alternatives which can be used apart from the ones mentioned in the plan are:

  • Brown rice poha with carrots or sweet potato

  • Brown rice porridge

  • Brown rice idli

  • Green juice

  • Banana strawberry smoothie

  • Papaya Banana Smoothie

  • Pomegranate stress buster

  • Sweet miso soup

  • Broccoli soup

  • Fresh corn chowder soup

  • Lentil soup

  • Brown rice soup

Frequently Asked Questions:


If you are planning to follow a long term detox diet plan, it is highly recommended to follow under the supervision of qualified dietician. If you are suffering from any medical issue e.g. diabetes, high cholesterol, pcod / pcos, etc. please do not follow this plan without the supervision of a trained dietician as it might interfere with your medication.

For a free consultation dietician, please reach out to us at +91 6366 734 441.





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