Neha Chowdhury

Neha is one of the top dieticians in India with over 4 years of experience. She holds a Masters in Dietetics and Applied Nutrition from Symbiosis institute of health sciences, Pune. She is an expert in Weight Management, sports nutrition and Clinical Conditions like Type 1 and 2 Diabetes, Hypertension, PCOD, skin and hair health.

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PG Diploma in applied Nutrition & Dietetics
Hindi, English
4 Years
Weight Management, Clinical Condition like Cardiac, Type 1 and 2 Diabetes , Hypertension, PCOD

Neha's member transformation


Most of the time I felt tired for no reason and gained almost 13kgs last year. I consulted my doctor & got diagnosed with thyroid. I read few things about thyroid & realised this is a very serious health issue. Luckily I came across NutriPal on Facebook.

I lost 7kgs in 4 months and normalised my thyroid symptoms.


I left the doctor’s office in a frustrated state. I was not going to become an insulin-dependent diabetic. Controlling blood sugar is not a big deal, I just had to lose some weight & regulate my eating habits.

I ended up losing about 12kgs & dropped my  HbA1c levels from 211 mg/dL to 130 mg/dL


I was diagnosed with high BP & diabetes in my 20's. I ignored it for a long time, I was diagnosed when I was in my 20s and I thought it would become normal over time. I gained a lot of weight throughout my 30s and understood the consequence of my ignorance.

After NutriPal I lost 13kgs & controlled diabetes from a range of 340 mg/dL to 90 & normalised BP levels.

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