Sohela Chowdhury

Sohela is one of the top dieticians in India with over 5 years of experience. She holds a Masters in Dietetics and Applied Nutrition from Manipal University, Karnataka & has completed her formal training from PGIMER, Chandigarh. She holds various certifications in sports nutrition, cardiac nutrition & is an expert in Weight Management, sports nutrition and Clinical Conditions like Cardiac, Type 1 and 2 Diabetes, Hypertension, PCOD, skin and hair health.

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M.Sc. In Dietetics and Applied Nutrition, RD trained from Apollo hospital
English, kannada,
Telugu, Tamil, Hindi
5 Years
Weight Management, sports nutrition and Clinical Condition like Cardiac, Type 1 and 2 Diabetes , Hypertension, PCOD

Sohela's member transformation

Neenu sharma

I was worried about my condition & I tried a few diets & workouts & thought that would help me control my thyroid & PCOS. I even hired a dietician but it couldn't see any significant results.I almost accepted the fact that she wont become healthy again!

In just 4 months my TSH levels came down & most of my PCOS symptoms went away.

Lalit Sarawgi

Transformation at 56 is tough! my body used to ache & I had very low energy & struggled in controlling my cravings. I used to feel terrible about myself, but my coach Ratika made it easy for me.

I lost 12Kgs in 4 months & reduced almost 13 inches from his waist & normalised by blood pressure.


I moved to France in October 2020, it was very easy to get into unhealthy eating habits, quick fix meals and junk food. I gained weight quickly and couldn't find enough time and motivation for workouts

I started at 68kgs and after 16 weeks, I was down to 60kgs thanks to my coach Sohela


I have been suffering from thyroid for the past few years along with an erratic work schedule. I didn't know what to eat & avoid. I kept gaining weight and reached an alarming weight of 115kgs in 2019.

NutriPal has simply amazed me.  I lost 15+kgs in 6 months under the guidance of my coach. I feel happier & healthier after my health transformation.

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