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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get a free trial before taking the pack?

Yes, you get a first video free consultation with our coach to understand in detail the technicalities behind how you can get to your particular health goal, and what are the set of habits keeping you from getting fitter. In the consultation, the coach will also explain in detail about how your customised program will be like, to help you get a very clear idea and hence make up your mind to enrol

What is meant by 6 months maintenance support?

After the completion of your pack, the coach will be available on chat for the next 6 months. Maintaining those habits and numbers/ health level after the program completion is important, & if you check in with your coach on chat even once a month to seek support whenever you feel you are getting off-track,  your coach will guide you to just get right back on track by suggesting smart changes.

Do I get to select my coach?

All our coaches are equally qualified and trained in all the aspects of delivering a health transformation for you. We ensure we match you with your most suitable coach basis your health goal and profile.

Do I get any benefits when I refer more people to join?

Absolutely! 70% of our members avail referral benefits.
For every referral, you win rewards worth upto 2500Rs - more details can be found here: click here

What do we get under complimentary fitness coaching for 7 /14 days?

You get a fitness consultation with our in-house fitness expert, and a customised workout plan to complement the diet towards your health goal. After these 7 days under the guidance, you can continue to do your normal workouts and follow the same routine 3-5 days a week. The routines are at-home workout plans that can be done by beginners and advanced fitness folks alike , without any/ much equipment

Is it only for weight loss?

Our clinical dieticians are trained to help members with all kinds of health goals, since nutrition is at the hear of pretty much all health goals. These include:
- Weight loss/ fat loss
- Controlling type 2 diabetes
- Controlling PCOD/ PCOS
- Controlling hypertension
- Controlling cholesterol issues
- Controlling hypothyroidism
- Healthy weight gain/ Athletic transformation

What is the qualification of the coaches?

All our coaches our post graduate in nutrition and dietitics from top colleges, with at least 6 months of experience working in clinical/ hospital set ups, and having coached at least 400 members before they join NutriPal. Our coaches are also highly trained in goal managment & basic psychology, so that they are expert in not only making the right plans for you, but also coaching you to shape your behavior and help you change your relationship with food for a lifetime of better health

How does the money-back guarantee work?

We beleive that we do not deserve to be paid in cases where we are unable to help a member get fitter under our coaching in spite of efforts put in by them. Hence, we have a transparent money-back policy that you can avail in the 4th week of your new subscription. Follow this link to read more about this: Click here

What is meant by whatsapp daily follow ups?

Our members log their meal pics daily on whatsapp where the coach shares their feedback at the end of the day about whether you made the right choices and the right portion sizes. Daily accountability ensures you do not fall of track, and consistent feedback on the mistakes made helps shape your behavior and choices

Does my plan start immediately after a pay or can I set a deferred start date?

No, you can choose your start date as per your convinience