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Debunking Myths Around Fat Loss and Weight Loss

The internet is a global network, filled with abundance of information. As users it becomes increasingly difficult to understand the difference between myths and facts.

Neda Hashimi
February 11, 2021

The internet is a global network, filled with abundance of information. As users it becomes increasingly difficult to understand the difference between myths and facts. When it comes to health and nutrition, one should understand that half of the information they read around could actually be false. We fancy out bloggers and influencers and go ahead believing all the misleading information, without any further research. As a result, many fad diets and false diet hacks have been proven false and even hazardous. Here we have some  "weight loss facts" that most didn't know were just myths. Let’s get started and bust those bubbles.

Myth: Eating Late at Night Causes Weight Gain

Skipping dinner with fear of weight gain, because it's past midnight? Turns out, we actually can. The fact is that you gain weight when you consume more

calories than you burn. No matter what time of day. Interestingly, when one snacks at night, they often choose higher calorie foods resulting in weight gain. Choosing a low calorie snack option will not impact on the weight.

Myth: Weight Loss is a Linear, Predictable Process

A weight loss journey in no cake walk. When there will be weeks of significant improvement, while there will be weeks with weight trajectory, fluctuations and weight

bounce. It’s okay for weight to fluctuate up and down by small amounts. One must understand that every body is different and so is the weight loss journey. So do not self demean, just keep calm and don't lose that focus.

Myth: You Must Give Up On Everything to Lose Weight

This myth has scared so many people to start or even consider losing weight. The fact is that one doesn't have to give up on everything they love eating, just to lose weight. The key is to strike the right balance.

Some high-calorie foods may even be part of a weight loss plan. As long as the plan is kept as a calorie deficit, in which the calories burn more calories than the taken. One will lose weight.

Myth: Eating Breakfast is Crucial to Weight Loss

Breakfast boosts metabolism, another disappointing myth. Along with eating multiple small meals throughout the day makes you burn more calories. Eating or skipping any one meal does not affect weight loss. What affects the body, is the constantly skipping meals and consuming larger calories in the other meals.

The prolonged deficit leads to slowing down the metabolism. But do not blame breakfast alone for that. Skipping meals or consuming too many meals does not matter. All that matters is being calorie deficit.

Myth: All Fast Food is Unhealthy and Leads to Weight Gain

How does one define a food as unhealthy? It’s a common perception that whatever eaten in a restaurant leads to weight gain. The fact is that a lot of leading food chains have healthier alternatives to their unhealthy offerings.

It’s totally a matter of choice. If knowingly a food is ordered with extra cheese along with just some extra mayonnaise, can’t blame the outlet. It’s totally possible to get something healthy at restaurants. Some food chains even provide the ingredients and calorie count of the meal making it easier as a consumer.

Myth: Rapid Weight Loss is the Right Weight Loss Strategy

People resort to extreme dieting and workout to lose weight rapidly and, they often see results as well. However, extremely restrictive diet may result in weight loss during the initial days. When taken note in such weight loss the body loses water and lean tissue.

As soon as the body is brought back, some other diet or what the diet pattern followed before, there will be weight gain in worst cases probably more than that. Rather than running towards easy fast hacks go for effective long term lifestyle changes to build healthy habits.

Myth: Diet Foods are Go-to Weight Loss Solution

Diet cokes, diet namkeen, sugar free biscuits, The market these days is filled with the “diet” version of almost everything. Reading big labels and eye catching marketing commercials, consumers are often seen falling in such traps. It is as important to read the food labels entirely as checking on their sale prices. They have minimal or absolutely no role in helping with diet. Oftentimes, products marketed as diet foods are junk foods in disguise. They are heavily processed and may harbor hidden ingredients that can lead to abrupt weight gain or other health issues.

Now that we have bursted some myth here are some handy tips to keep in mind before starting with heath transformations

Every body type is different, to understand and work accordingly, get in touch with a qualified nutrition coach and get a custom diet chart that fits you, rather than trying these diet foods or other ideas on your own like starving yourself.

Weight loss can be tricky. You may also tend to get demotivated sometimes seeing sudden spikes in your weight. The way out is being patient and seeking the right advice. Don’t rely on internet guides and easy hacks that are unreserved or same for all. A custom diet chart, will pay attention to the eating habits and any other medical conditions.

Remember, weight loss is a journey not a one time sprint. It always pays to have the right mentor. So don't hold back. Look for a personal nutrition coach. Book your free consultation with NutriPal today!

About the author
Neda Hashimi

Neda Hashimi, is currently working in NutriPal as a diet coach. She has completed her post graduation in Food and Nutrition and holds an experience in clinical Nutrition with 300+ patients.‍

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