• Ratika Chawla

Will I lose weight, I have thyroid?

Every morning you wake up to find the same weight on your weighing scale? Has your hair fall increased or have the nails become brittle? Are you prone to infections every now & then ? Constipation is what bothers you every other day? Too much of headache or even migraine ? Tired ? Mental Fatigue ? These are the very common symptoms of hypothyroidism. You need not only pop up a pill to boost your thyroxine levels temporarily, instead fix up your thyroid gland so as to boost your immunity.

Let me help you understand What is thyroid gland?

It’s a little butterfly shaped gland below your neck & it controls very important functions in your body like metabolic activity & maintains hormonal balance. Remember, our body has its self defence mechanism & it can heal the thyroid gland too! You just need to eat right & mindfully adjust your lifestyle !

1. Stress & Thyroid

  • Stress leads to the production of cortisol (stress hormone) & lowers the production of thyroxine, DHEA (boosts immunity), testosterone (maintains hormonal balance).

  • Extreme diets (fad diets) followed to an extreme level also increases cortisol in the body thereby impacting the butterfly gland.

2. Diet & Thyroid

  • Veganism, eating too many raw vegetables like cabbage, cauliflower, kale & broccoli impact the thyroid gland negatively as these veggies are rich in goitrogens.

  • Cruciferous veggies – cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, radish must be better consumed when steamed or cooked.

  • Vegetable juices are also raw and one must refrain consuming it if suffers thyroid

3. Oil & Thyroid

  • Consumption of wrong dietary oil is one of the main reasons thyroid issues have increased in the last decade. Soybean oil & food made using it promotes unhealthy weight gain in human beings.

  • Virgin coconut oil. It metabolizes quickly with the least possible oxidative stress on the liver and allows the conversion of fat into energy, thus weight loss. Cold pressed coconut oil also helps you burn belly fat. 2-3 tbsp everyday is enough to begin the healing process of your imbalanced thyroid gland. It can be consumed either raw or can be used for cooking as well.

4. Selenium & thyroid

  • Selenium gets depleted when the thyroid gland doesn’t function optimally. Brazil nuts, almonds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds are selenium rich sources. Make them a part of your diet.

5. Iodine, Vitamin A & Vitamin D for your thyroid

  • Adequate iodine from your iodized salt, Vitamin D from sunlight & Vitamin A for carrots, green leafy vegetables & dark coloured veggies are all important for smooth functioning of thyroid gland.

6. Sleep & Thyroid

  • Adequate sleep helps thyroid gland, liver & kidneys rejuvenate. They get stronger as you rest & even the cortisol (stress hormone) drops to the lowest

Control your stress or bust your stress by indulging in running, or take up any sport or do yoga/ meditation & sleep properly. Befriend almonds & walnuts & include seeds in your daily eating routine. Ensure you are consuming iodized salt & sit under the first sunrays for your Vitamin D doze. Carrot, tomato, beetroots, green leafy veggies must be included in your everyday meals to heal your thyroid gland & make you lose weight. Moderation is the key, no matter what you adopt!





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