Women power: Fighting against all odds for a better, healthier life

“It cannot be predicted who will be the victim of a disease but our reaction to handling it can make all the difference in our lives”. - Not just quantified diet plans but also making the person adhere to it by delivering quality coaching and constant motivation is our “Magic Pill” at battling PCOS. With the vision of educating the masses this PCOS Awareness Month, we interviewed a few of our clients and hope each and everyone suffering from this lifestyle disease can relate to their story.

THE IMPORTANCE OF ASKING HELP - By Coach Seema (Senior dietician at NutriPal)

“One of the main reasons women hesitate to ask for help or openly talk about PCOS is because of the social stigma revolving around it. The feeling of discomfort at the slightest mention of “PERIODS, MENSTRUAL, BLEEDING” is common and prevalent across all the cohorts of clients that I’ve dealt with! This is the very reason it takes me so long to build a trustworthy and healthy relationship with my PCOS clients- They simply do not open up at first! Given that 80% of PCOS clients are obese, a typical consultation revolves around weight loss and other concerns. Only when we delve deep, do we realise the underlying cause is PCOS, and that's when we change our entire approach. Having said this, we want to educate the masses and make them realise that controlling PCOS is easier than you think. Given the right coaching and quantified diet plans, there is definitely a possibility of reversing it. Sounds unbelievable, right? Here’s what our clients had to say” :)

From a Struggler to a Warrior

You have to fight some bad days to live your best days”- That’s the attitude Vandana had throughout her transformation journey. Here’s what she had to say:
“My journey with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) may have begun long before I knew it. I discovered that my body wasn’t doing very efficiently what it’s supposed to do in the first place. But who am I to blame my body when every choice was mine in the first place. I was advised to visit a doctor who prescribed some pills to help balance out my hormones. A couple of months into the medication, I started feeling uneasy and the side effects were unbearable. Heavy flow, abdomen cramps, mood swings to name a few! Was it really worth this pain when the outcome was still unclear? I had read somewhere that PCOS can be controlled to a great extent through diet itself, so why was I torturing myself with these nasty meds!. On 4th April 2020, I began my first ever diet with NutriPal. I’m not one to be ever bothered about my weight. I never cared about a perfect figure or anything like that. I’ve always eaten to my heart’s content. But the scare of PCOS, and what it could entail in the long run, saw me switching over to an all-new lifestyle. I was 73kgs at the time I started my diet, simply put 20kgs overweight. For the longest time I had thought that my weight caused me PCOS but it was the other way round! For me, the biggest challenge was the diet: 5 meals spaced out through the day at regular intervals. I had healthier alternatives than what I generally ate but to stick to the prescribed timings was a challenge. Initially it was getting a bit haywire - Now how do you explain to your dietician that your job doesn’t care if you have had time to have your detox water?

My coach was kind enough to bear with my frustration and she kept motivating throughout eventually helping me stick to the schedule. My diet which was first a challenge finally became a success thanks to coach Ratika. I lost 6kgs in the first 2 months of my journey. Everything in my body had changed, not only on the outside; I felt more active, more optimistic, energetic, and healthier. I would sleep better and wake up fresh, focus better and be more productive. I had to continue fighting because now it was not just about fighting PCOS but also about living my best life. Six months in and still going strong I’m at my all time record lowest weight of 61kgs and have managed to reverse my PCOS. Never thought that I would achieve this feat. The biggest surprise is not having controlled PCOS but transforming into a health freak and evangelist of spreading health - Something which I would have never thought in the wildest of my dreams! Not only have I become a much more confident woman than I was 6 months ago, but also a warrior!

I lost 8kgs and reversed PCOS to have my baby

This is the story of Deepika (32) who joined NutriPal on her friend's recommendation. Little did she know that her life would be impacted in more ways than one. Here’s what she had to say:
“I was diagnosed with PCOS at the age of 26 and was told that having a baby could be challenging. It was difficult to comprehend this information especially when you are single and unsure of the future. I was worried about what would happen if I met someone and wanted to start a family. Throughout my late 20s I kept missing my periods and that's when I became a patient of this hormonal disease. Medicines, diet control, exercise etc. I had done it all! Still after seeing no significant improvement it started taking a toll on me psychologically. I was depressed, detached myself from friends and kept pondering about my future. At 30 I got married to my husband who was very supportive of me. We gathered information about fertility, pills, timed sex and tried everything to conceive but in vain. Though we had tried many things we realised that we were no experts and probably a certified clinical nutritionist would be able to help us out. My coach explained about the “Magic Pill” for PCOD which was:

1) Quantified diet
2) Exercise
3) NO medicines
4) Positive mindset

That’s when our beautiful transformation journey started. My plans were highly customised as per my needs and whenever I had any doubt my coach was just a ping away. She kept motivating me throughout our consultations and had an explanation for each and every small thing she suggested. Within 5 months my periods restarted, I worked out while ovulating and to my surprise, became pregnant. My partner and I were shocked and this was one of the most beautiful moments in our lives. Defying all odds and leading a healthy and supervised clean lifestyle we managed to overcome this. My delivery is due in the next few months and I cannot be more grateful to my coach Seema.”

The Healthy Way is the Right Way!

Sakshi (23) struggled with obesity and skin problems primarily due to PCOS. All it needed was just a change of lifestyle and the right guidance. This is what she had to say:"I started my journey in Feb 2020 after struggling to lose weight for years. My PCOS and acne issues were getting worse day by day. This stressed me out and one fine day I decided that it was enough and had to do something about it!That’s when I came across NutriPal- Their tagline “Your Online Personal Dietician” caught my eye and after researching a lot I was able to comprehend that they focus on effective coaching and sustainable plans which was precisely the motivation I needed. Moreover they had a transparent money back policy too so I didn’t think twice.Gradually, I was able to see favourable results. I was losing inches and my acne started to clear. I had never thought that I could get rid of those inches. My PCOS has reversed, and my energy levels have improved significantly!Not only have I transformed my health but also gained sufficient knowledge in the process.”

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About The Author

Akshat Pandey
Co-founder & CEO, NutriPal

Akshat is the co-founder & CEO at NutriPal. An IIT graduate, with experience across healthcare & ecommerce industries, Akshat along with Rohit & senior clinical health experts is working to build NutriPal as the one-stop solution for controlling lifestyle diseases & getting fitter for Indians globally.